Gold Hill Campground

Los Padres National Forest


Highlights: Gold Hill Campground is a car camping destination on Piru Creek that offers a steep-walled granite gorge of interest to kayakers and rock climbers.

Directions: The drive takes about one hour from Bakersfield.

  • Follow I-5 south to Gorman and take the exit for the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation Area (ORV) onto Forest Service Road 8N01. There is a fee to enter here, and a ranger is generally there to collect it on weekends.
  • Continue south on 8N01, for about 5 miles, looking for signs saying "Gold Hill Campground" and "Piru Creek".
  • Turn right (west) onto Forest Service Road 18N01, and continue another 5 miles, or so, on 18N01 to a junction.
  • Turn right (west) and continue 1/4 mile to the campground.


Maps: xx 7 minute topographic quadrangle




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