Directions to Camp Kern: The drive takes about 4 hours from Bakersfield, and about 6 hours from Ridgecrest. There are fast food places to stop at in the town of Sanger.

  • The shortest route from Bakersfield runs north on Highway 99. About 90 miles from Bakersfield, after a bridge over the King's River, take the first Kingsburg exit (Mendocino Avenue Exit).
  • Travel north through Kingsburg on 18th Street (which becomes Mendocino Road) for about 12 miles to the Adams Road crossing.
  • Turn left on Adams Road, go about one mile, then turn right on Academy Ave, and continue through Sanger to the Highway 168 junction.
  • Turn right on Highway 168, and follow it east (about 90 minutes) through the towns of Prather and Shaver Lake, and past the Sierra Summit ski resort to Huntington Lake.
  • About 1/4 mile along the north shore of Huntington Lake, just past Rancheria Marina, turn left into the Boy Scout parking area (dirt).
If you pass the U.S. Post Office and the lodge at the Lakeshore, you have gone about a quarter mile too far. The camp barge will meet you at the boat landing at the west end of the parking lot.



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