Reyes Peak and Piedra Blanca Trails

Los Padres National Forest


Highlights: The Reyes Peak and Piedra Blanca (White Rock) trails are easily combined to make a moderate backpack of about 14 miles (one-way) that is largely downhill and requires a car shuttle.

Directions: The drive takes about 2 hours from Bakersfield. From Highway 33 between Cuyama and Ojai, take the turnoff to the Pine Mountain Recreation Area. After 6 miles of paved road, continue on dirt another mile to a parking lot at the end of the road. To reach the pickup area for a car shuttle, return to Highway 33, continue south in the direction of Ojai, and take Rose Valley Road (6N31.3). Drive another 6 miles to Lion Campground, and park in the day-use area near the campground.


  • DAY 1 - Follow the dirt road at the end of the Pine Mountain parking lot about 150 yards to an unsigned trail junction on the right (east) side of the road. The trail stays on or just below Reyes (7510 ft) and its sister peaks until it reaches the Potrero John lookout after a little less than 2 miles. Continuing on towards the east, the summit of Haddock Peak is reached at 3 miles. The trail then descends 2 more miles to Haddock Camp on the banks of Piedra Blanca Creek. Another 2 miles, with a total of of 8 miles from the start, leads to Pine Mountain Lodge Camp, an old fishing and hunting lodge (6,000 ft), in the conifers with water close by.
  • DAY 2 - From a trail junction at Pine Mountain Lodge, it is possible to continue on the left (northeast) fork to the Fishbowls or Cedar Creek Camps in the Chumash Wilderness. However, the Piedra Blanca Trail (22W03) takes the right (southeast) fork, which drops steeply 3 miles to Twin Fork Camp, where water is available most of the year. About mile further is Piedra Blanca Camp, and just beyond are the impressive white rocks of Piedra Blanca themselves. The final 2.7 miles, with about 6 miles total for this easy day, leads to the parking area at Lion Campground.

Maps: The San Guillermo, Reyes Peak, Lion Canyon and Wheeler Spings 7 minute topographic quadrangles are needed.



  • Spectacular views of the Cuyama Badlands and Mount Pinos provide a dramatic contrast.


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